Shop easier and healthier

with our free assistant

Our browser extension scans your cart in real time and provides
nutritional analysis, recipes, allergy warnings, and more.
Simple, easy to use, and 100% free.

How it works

  • 1. Install the extension

  • 2. Signup and set your profile

    Take your time to signup and fill your profile for more advanced experience. Our extension provides you suggestions based on informations you give about yourself, your diet and more.

  • 3. Go shopping and get real time informations

    You can now go to your favorite online retailer and get the full Avocadoo's experience.

    Get details on specific product like alerts based on its components and on your profile, recipes with this product and more

    Get details on your cart

    Recipes suggestions

    Add recipe's needed products on your cart in one click

    Get suggestions to increase your cart's score and add them on the fly

    And a lot more cool features!

    List of compatible retailers can be seen on our FAQ page.

  • 4. Get statistics based on your previous carts

    Set objectives and track progresses overtime

Easy nutritional analysis

In one click

Set objectives

And track progresses overtime

Avocadoo is simple, efficient, smart, discret and free!

If you shop groceries, you may need our solution.