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At the core of Avocadoo lies the disturbing observation that food companies have caused great damage to the way we eat in the Western world. Food companies have brought about a large scale food crisis through unfair use of marketing strategies; pushing evolutionary buttons through abusive use of unhealthy cheap ingredients; and extensive lobbying efforts to thwart the public from regulatory measures.
We want to be part of the solution, not the problem. We want to empower customers against the dubious practices of the food industry. Our algorithms are designed and reviewed by independent nutritionists and we do not have an interest in recommending one item over another – your health is the only factor that’s taken into consideration.
Our nutritional foundations are the latest version of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, issued by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). We also use other tools from the USDA and the US Institute of Medicine, two widely acknowledged nutrition references.
We know that you are busy. We know that nutrition is important to you, but that you have many other things on your mind.
We believe that nutrition should be effortless, undemanding, and humane.
Effortless? Just install the plug in, and you’re all set. No data entry, no calculation – we do the heavy work.
Undemanding? We don’t ask you to change anything about your habits. Rather, we will meet you where you are, and present you with a convenient path toward improvement that you may follow at your own pace. We will go out of our way to help you make those changes, and suggest tasty recipes that you may easily integrate into your lifestyle.
Humane? In any undertaking it’s essential to treat yourself with love. Because we have a holistic approach to diet, we don’t consider French Fries and Ice Cream capital sin – they can be part of a very healthy diet. There are no banned items, because the big picture is what truly matters.
Our extension is compatible with the following retailers. We still are working on making it compatible with more of them.
Seventy out of 100 calories are consumed at home (US average). While, for the time being, we can’t offer you a perfect picture of your diet, we can make sure you will put healthy food on the dinner table.
Avocadoo is also a fun tool to learn more about nutrition. By using Avocadoo over time you will have a better, more intuitive approach to nutrition that you can then use in out-of-home settings.
The Diet Score assesses the quality of your diet – from C- to A+. It is based on an elaborate version of the USDA’s MyPlate called the Healthy Eating Index. It is a measure of diet quality that assesses conformance to federal dietary guidance. Since its original publication in 1995 and latest revision in 2012, it has been shown in numerous large scale studies that higher HEI scores are associated with reduced risks of diseases, among which are heart related illnesses, diabetes, cancer, and overall mortality.
It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for two days or stocking up for two months. What matters is nutrient and food group densities, which do not depend on how long it will take to eat all your products.
You are invited to tell us more about you and the people with whom you live on your profile page.
We are working on achieving more accurate results for individual household members. In the meantime, remember that it’s always better to sit down to eat together, rather than individually microwaving food products.
We are working on ways to bring more accurate results to individual members of the households. In the meantime, remember that it’s always better to sit down and eat together than microwaving individual foods.
We select the items that our nutritionists have qualified as the healthiest, given both your pre-existing diet, and what best matches your habits and preferences.
That’s fine! Our recommendations are just suggestions, there is no premium in your score for choosing those items over others that are similar.