Welcome to Avocadoo!

Hey there, fellow food eater – welcome to Avocadoo,  an application dedicated to holistic consumption. We’re excited to share our easy-to-use app with you, and the greater implications of its use. You’ll learn more about our superfood namesake the avocado in future posts, but one Avocadoo-worthy nibble of knowledge to take with you for now is that not all fat is created equal. Our nutrient-dense mono-unsaturated fatty fruit reminds us to consider the big picture in achieving a nutritionally balanced diet.

We aspire to provide users with a powerful tool to monitor and improve the quality of household food purchases, through real-time nutritional analysis of online shopping carts. Moreover, our blog and recipe suggestions aim to aid at-home preparation, and inform future food choices.

We at Avocadoo embrace that we are what we eat, and encourage our users to take this cliche to heart – literally – for improved well-being and a healthier lifestyle.

Get started here now, and keep us in the loop so that we can continue to improve our consumption habits, and work toward changing the landscape of the corporate food industry, together.