The Power of Mindful Eating

Between the Slow Food and Mindful Eating movements, it’s clear that consumers are becoming more serious about savoring. Conscientious consumption not only manages our weight and health, but also allows us to rediscover nuances in flavor and texture, and recognize when we’re eating for fuel and when we’re indulging.

Mindful eating doesn’t always necessitate slowing down, which is great news for the majority of us who are pressed for time. It merely entails an awareness that is often lacking in our automatic eating habits. If you deliberately choose to scarf down a Big Mac on the bus to work, then you’re already practicing mindful eating. Maybe that experience will even inspire you to ceremoniously savor a salad for the following meal.

If you’re interested in learning more from some mindful meal masters, you might enjoy Dr. Sandra Aamodt’s TED talk on deliberate eating replacing dieting. Dr. Susan Albers’ shares similar insights in her various books, plus a variety of tools on her site to help you implement the knowledge. You’ll find more resources and events at The Center for Mindful Eating, and can connect with local communities – or start your own chapter – at Slow Food USA. Regardless of which path you choose, we wish you a more holistically pleasurable consumption experience – from cart to stomach.

_Talia Krevsky_