The Avocadoo Experience


Five Things Avocadoo can do for you

As we continue to work on our secret project, it might be worthwhile to go over all the things that Avocadoo can already do for you. And there are a lot of things that Avocadoo can do! In many ways Avocadoo works as an entire platform, but if one only wants to use a portion of the service, we have done our best to make sure that that is as easy as possible!

So without further ado here are just some of the features that Avocadoo has ready for you right now:


1.Our Online Shopping extension

First and foremost is the extension. This is the bedrock of our service. The extension is designed to help people that shop for groceries online but analyzing their cart, running the contents against various databases, and then giving detail nutritional analyses of the cart. Avocadoo also gives recommendations insofar as how to change your cart to meet expert recommendations.


The extension goes through your card and analyzes the nutritional content of everything that you are planning to buy and if a certain nutrient or macro is over or under represented, then the extension will let you know! Even better, it goes through all of the additives in every single product and color codes the additives present based on exactly how dangerous, carcinogenic, etc. the additive is. If you want more info on the additive it is available for you.

Each cart you buy is stored on and the nutritional info is graphically displayed. This way you get a complete overview of the trajectory of your grocery purchasing habits and suggestions insofar as how to change those habits.

If you are eating too much salt, we’ll let you know.

Not enough B12, now you know.

Calcium? You won’t need a supplement now – you’ll KNOW if you’re eating enough.


Avocadoo works like a fitness tracker but for your food. You’ll know EXACTLY where you need to improve and you won’t be able to fool yourself into thinking you’re doing better when the data is right there. You’ll be able to see improvements, faults, and problems that you might not have even been aware of!


For example this yogurt brands itself as very healthy but is actually extremely processed. Avocadoo helps you avoid getting avoid getting fooled by advertising.

2.Recipe aggregation and nutritional information


Beyond tracking your grocery purchases, we also help you find new, healthier recipes. Avocadoo aggregates recipes from all over the internet and, in addition to giving you the wonderful recipes themselves, we give you the complete nutritional info for the recipe by serving.

You know how when you buy a candy bar you can look on the back (if you want to feel bad) if you want to know how much calcium is in it or if you are going to skip dinner? We create the exact same kind of label for recipes. It’s like being able to flip over your recipe to see the label on the back, like you can with processed food, but this isn’t processed food. It’s homemade.

We aggregate recipes from the best recipe blogs on the net and our platform parses the list and generates an accurate nutritional breakdown of the recipe.

This is a relatively new feature and one that we are very excited about as it allows people to enter their OWN recipes if they’d like to get a nutritional breakdown. Grandma’s famous pancakes? Well now you know exactly how healthy they are (or aren’t)!



The two above are not separate services! They can be used independently if you’d like but they are also seamlessly tied together. While you are shopping you can check out recipes using the extension. And from the site you can look at your purchase history. This way you can make the best decisions based on your targets.

Both work well independently but best together.

4. Our top secret project. You don’t get to find out about this right now!


Anyway, so these are just some of the things that Avocadoo can do for you! And we are adding new features every week, so this list is by no means exhaustive. Come gives us a shot and let us know what you think!