Bug fixes and Features



Another week, another slew of features and bug fixes made their way onto the the platform. These improvements to Avocadoo make both your and our lives easier. So check out the changes!

  • Several enhancements were made to the layout of the blogging system
  • Preparation time and cook time have been added. So instead of just one nebulous amount of time needed for preparation, we clearly deliniate the two. After all, cooking time is a lot different than prep time!
  • Insofar as entering recipes, this has become much easier. now the error display tells you exactly what the problem is rather than just where it is.
  • On top of this we have added TONS of recipes to our database!
  • More UX improvements. The site is easier on the eyes and navigation is improved as well.
  • The landing page was improved and numerous changes to the wording were made.

On top of all this there were numerous additions to the administrative end (it’s always improving!) and countless bug fixes with which we won’t bore you.

If you haven’t given us a shot, there’s no better time than the present!

Updates, Upgrades, Features, and More!

captureThis will be the first in a (hopefully long) series of updates that will henceforth be released each Monday. These updates will apprise you about all the changes that are going on at Avocadoo nowadays. Changes like me, for example!

It has been a busy couple of weeks here ate Avocadoo and PHP genie Mickael has a slew of updates, improvements, and bug fixes ready for your enjoyment.

  1. The big new is that the Avocadoo API has hit it’s v1.0.0 release! After a little under one year of development the platform has come a long, long way. With the updated API we able to offer a number of new features such as:

  2. Via the extension, our users can now select their favorite recipes from our list (aggregated from some of the best coking bloggers from all over the web) and buy the required ingredients for the chosen recipes!

  3. You can now build your grocery list via the website and use it to shop online via the extension (drastically reducing the amount of time you spend shopping at online grocery stores – all you need to do is load the page with the extension and you are done!).

  4. Bloggers can now add their own recipes to the site! These recipes, of course, link back to the original site, but the ingredient list is on Avocadoo allowing instant grocery cart creation.

  5. Avocadoo now provides nutritional analysis for each recipes. You can see exactly how healthy a recipe is and how much of what is actually in it. With this update you can get an instant break down on carbs, protein, fats, additives, sugars, and more.

  6. Administrative tools – these secret tools make our lives much, much easier.

  7. Numerous bug fixes

So come check out these new features and enjoy our rapidly growing list of recipes from bloggers all over the web! We have a lot of new features in development right now that will be made available over the next few weeks – so stay tuned.

Also, I’m here now – so that is new as well. See you next week!