The Grand Unveiling

After months of planning, designing, and testing, we are finally ready to unveil the latest and greatest iteration of Avocadoo. No longer are you required to install an extension or use online grocery stores (although they do remain extremely convenient!).

The new Avocadoo helps you find excellent recipes from indie bloggers and build great meal plans at no cost. We get our recipes from some of the best and most dedicated chefs and recipe bloggers all over the internet. These are people that really care about helping you discover new (healthy) foods.

As you continue to use Avocadoo, our proprietary algorithm will start adapting the recommendations to your particular taste.

Without further ado, I give you the new Avocadoo!


Avocadoo Update!

Another week has come and gone and the same has come to pass with the bugs. Bug upon bug has been found and quashed and with each bugfix we come closer to Nirvana a superior user experience. Aside from numerous bugfixes we are getting ever closer to unveiling our secret project. Now in the prototyping stage, everything seems to be going as planned – no test pilots lost, etc.

With luck we will be launching the prototype soon!


Stay tuned

Updates and something TOP SECRET


Another week, another slew of bugfixes and administrative changes. One major change, however, is the nutritional panel. It is now working for our recipes! Now for every recipes entered into Avocadoo you will have the capability of seeing a nutritional panel like you would see on the back of packaged food. Except this food isn’t package! It’s made fresh in your kitchen! But, just like packaged food, you will have an extremely accurate and factual nutritional panel on the back showing you just how much healthier this meal is.

Beyond this, we have started a new skunk works project. It’s a secret but I can tell you that this program will be mobile!

Check back in a week for an update.