Holistic Shopping Tips

Holistic shopping tips

We at Avocadoo are committed to helping you consume mindfully and holistically, and as such, we would be remiss if we didn’t give shout-outs to some other nutritionally and ethically friendly applications that complement our own.

While Avocadoo is unique in that we help you balance your diet from cart to table, the following apps can help harmonize the bigger picture, to further shape and inform your holistic consumerism.

Buycott enables principled consumer spending, so that you can ensure that the money you’re spending on food doesn’t go toward supporting causes you oppose. Fooducate takes on a more micro-approach in its nutritionally-based product grading system, so that you can learn more about individual items in your shopping cart. Once the food is in your kitchen, Dr. Susan Albers’ Mindful-Eating App is a useful resource in consuming the food we purchase deliberately and with heightened awareness.

Holistic Shopping Tips

We hope these suggestions will provide you with practical resources in developing more holistic consumption habits, and a healthier more sustainable lifestyle, every step of the way – from purchasing products, to enjoying meals.