5 spécialités Grecques bonnes pour la santé à préparer soi-même

Le saviez-vous ? En plus d’être savoureuse, la cuisine grecque est reconnue pour ses bienfaits et son alimentation équilibrée. Traditionnellement, le repas grec se compose de poisson grillé, de légumes et d’une grande salade de crudité, le tout accompagné de pain grec léger. On vous dévoile ici les meilleures spécialités grecques à déguster sans se priver !

La Feta


Ce fromage caillé au lait de brebis est évidemment issu de la très connue « salade grecque ». Réputé pour être une source de vitamines B12 et B2, la feta est également peu calorique si on la compare aux autres fromages ! 250 kcal environ pour 100g. Réputée pour son goût très salé, et donc chargée en sodium, elle se consomme généralement émiettée en petite quantité.

Notre astuce : Plongez votre feta quelques heures dans un bac d’eau froid avec quelques glaçons pour réduire sa concentration en sel.

Le Tzatziki

TzatzikiElue officiellement sauce la plus légère des apéritifs, le Tzatziki est un savoureux mélange de Yaourt de brebis, d’herbes, d’ail et de concombres coupés en dés. Le tout parsemé d’une cuillère à soupe d’huile d’olive. Une petite mine d’or pour ceux et celles qui souhaitent se faire plaisir en mangeant sain : Riche en calcium, en lipides, en protéines, en vitamines B12.

Notre astuce : Idéal pour un apéritif, ajoutez-y quelques pointes de menthe fraiche, et préparez quelques fallafels à déguster avec. Succès garanti.

Les Domas

DolmasCes feuilles de vignes garnies de riz, sont généralement servies en entrée, le temps que le plat principal puisse être mis à table. Dégustées en petite quantité, elles sont un excellent coupe faim et apportent un capital de sucres lents nécessaire à nos longues journées.

Notre Astuce : Si vous souhaitez approfondir vos sens de la cuisine Grecque, il est essentiel de laisser mariner quelques minutes vos Domas dans une marinade à base d’Ouzo, la boisson locale. A vos papilles !

Le Poulpe Mariné

poulpeIl se déguste sous toutes les formes, mais la plus en vogue à ce jour est le poulpe mariné. Cuisiné traditionnellement avec du jus de citron, de l’huile d’olive, du piment et des herbes fraiches. Les fruits de mer sont connus pour être peu caloriques et regorger d’Oméga 3 et de Vitamines B12 et une excellente source de Fer.

Notre Astuce : On ose le mélange de saveurs, aussi cette entrée se marie parfaitement avec un Gazpacho !  

Le Yaourt au Miel

YaourtMielLe Yaourt Grec est une véritable mine d’or. Fabriqué à base de lait de brebis, il contient énormément de Calcium et de Vitamines D. Il contient peu de matière grasse, et est très chargé en protéines. Et pourtant, il est réputé pour son onctuosité. A déguster sucré ou salé, sans modération.

Notre Astuce : Pour les frenchies amoureux de crème fraîche : 2 cuillères à soupe de Yaourt Grec dans vos préparations, et c’est un coup de maître garanti auprès de vos invités !

Envie de découvrir d’autre spécialités grecques ? Téléchargez notre App Avocadoo et découvrez chaque jour des recettes inédites !

Avocadoo goes mobile

Here at Avocadoo we’ve been hard at work on something new (yes, we just launched a new website too. Lot’s of new stuff to be found here!). We are in the final stages of bringing our application to mobile!

Coming soon you’ll be able to discover delicious new indie recipes on your iOS or Android device! We’ve worked out a whole new interface designed specifically to facilitate recipe discovery in the pal of your hand. If you’re looking for a new recipe, just whip out you phone swipe through some tailored suggestions find the ones you want and bang: ingredient list is compiled and you can view the instructions right there on your phone as you cook. The only way it could be more convenient is if it cooked for you!

Now, the app isn’t ready yet but here are some screenshots if you want to check out what we’ll be launching shortly!

screenshot_2016-12-27-18-59-16 screenshot_2016-12-27-19-01-22 screenshot_2016-12-27-19-01-37 screenshot_2016-12-27-19-02-06 screenshot_2016-12-27-19-06-56

The Grand Unveiling

After months of planning, designing, and testing, we are finally ready to unveil the latest and greatest iteration of Avocadoo. No longer are you required to install an extension or use online grocery stores (although they do remain extremely convenient!).

The new Avocadoo helps you find excellent recipes from indie bloggers and build great meal plans at no cost. We get our recipes from some of the best and most dedicated chefs and recipe bloggers all over the internet. These are people that really care about helping you discover new (healthy) foods.

As you continue to use Avocadoo, our proprietary algorithm will start adapting the recommendations to your particular taste.

Without further ado, I give you the new Avocadoo!


Holiday in a Cup: Pumpkin Spice and everything “Nice”Cream

This is a guest post from our friends over at Ruby Lemon Girls, enjoy!


  • 4 frozen bananas
  • 1/2 cup pumpkin puree
  • 1/2 cup Dr. McDougall’s organic maple brown sugar instant oats
  • 1/2 teaspoon cloves
  • 1 teaspoon Cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
  • 3 tablespoons of agave nectar
  • Original Puffin Cereal crumbles


  • Blend until smooth!
  • Top with Original Puffin Cereal crumbles and cinnamon sugar!

Serves: 4-5

Avocadoo Update!

Another week has come and gone and the same has come to pass with the bugs. Bug upon bug has been found and quashed and with each bugfix we come closer to Nirvana a superior user experience. Aside from numerous bugfixes we are getting ever closer to unveiling our secret project. Now in the prototyping stage, everything seems to be going as planned – no test pilots lost, etc.

With luck we will be launching the prototype soon!


Stay tuned

The Avocadoo Experience


Five Things Avocadoo can do for you

As we continue to work on our secret project, it might be worthwhile to go over all the things that Avocadoo can already do for you. And there are a lot of things that Avocadoo can do! In many ways Avocadoo works as an entire platform, but if one only wants to use a portion of the service, we have done our best to make sure that that is as easy as possible!

So without further ado here are just some of the features that Avocadoo has ready for you right now:


1.Our Online Shopping extension

First and foremost is the extension. This is the bedrock of our service. The extension is designed to help people that shop for groceries online but analyzing their cart, running the contents against various databases, and then giving detail nutritional analyses of the cart. Avocadoo also gives recommendations insofar as how to change your cart to meet expert recommendations.


The extension goes through your card and analyzes the nutritional content of everything that you are planning to buy and if a certain nutrient or macro is over or under represented, then the extension will let you know! Even better, it goes through all of the additives in every single product and color codes the additives present based on exactly how dangerous, carcinogenic, etc. the additive is. If you want more info on the additive it is available for you.

Each cart you buy is stored on Avocadoo.com and the nutritional info is graphically displayed. This way you get a complete overview of the trajectory of your grocery purchasing habits and suggestions insofar as how to change those habits.

If you are eating too much salt, we’ll let you know.

Not enough B12, now you know.

Calcium? You won’t need a supplement now – you’ll KNOW if you’re eating enough.


Avocadoo works like a fitness tracker but for your food. You’ll know EXACTLY where you need to improve and you won’t be able to fool yourself into thinking you’re doing better when the data is right there. You’ll be able to see improvements, faults, and problems that you might not have even been aware of!


For example this yogurt brands itself as very healthy but is actually extremely processed. Avocadoo helps you avoid getting avoid getting fooled by advertising.

2.Recipe aggregation and nutritional information


Beyond tracking your grocery purchases, we also help you find new, healthier recipes. Avocadoo aggregates recipes from all over the internet and, in addition to giving you the wonderful recipes themselves, we give you the complete nutritional info for the recipe by serving.

You know how when you buy a candy bar you can look on the back (if you want to feel bad) if you want to know how much calcium is in it or if you are going to skip dinner? We create the exact same kind of label for recipes. It’s like being able to flip over your recipe to see the label on the back, like you can with processed food, but this isn’t processed food. It’s homemade.

We aggregate recipes from the best recipe blogs on the net and our platform parses the list and generates an accurate nutritional breakdown of the recipe.

This is a relatively new feature and one that we are very excited about as it allows people to enter their OWN recipes if they’d like to get a nutritional breakdown. Grandma’s famous pancakes? Well now you know exactly how healthy they are (or aren’t)!



The two above are not separate services! They can be used independently if you’d like but they are also seamlessly tied together. While you are shopping you can check out recipes using the extension. And from the site you can look at your purchase history. This way you can make the best decisions based on your targets.

Both work well independently but best together.

4. Our top secret project. You don’t get to find out about this right now!


Anyway, so these are just some of the things that Avocadoo can do for you! And we are adding new features every week, so this list is by no means exhaustive. Come gives us a shot and let us know what you think!

Updates and something TOP SECRET


Another week, another slew of bugfixes and administrative changes. One major change, however, is the nutritional panel. It is now working for our recipes! Now for every recipes entered into Avocadoo you will have the capability of seeing a nutritional panel like you would see on the back of packaged food. Except this food isn’t package! It’s made fresh in your kitchen! But, just like packaged food, you will have an extremely accurate and factual nutritional panel on the back showing you just how much healthier this meal is.

Beyond this, we have started a new skunk works project. It’s a secret but I can tell you that this program will be mobile!

Check back in a week for an update.

Bug fixes and Features



Another week, another slew of features and bug fixes made their way onto the the platform. These improvements to Avocadoo make both your and our lives easier. So check out the changes!

  • Several enhancements were made to the layout of the blogging system
  • Preparation time and cook time have been added. So instead of just one nebulous amount of time needed for preparation, we clearly deliniate the two. After all, cooking time is a lot different than prep time!
  • Insofar as entering recipes, this has become much easier. now the error display tells you exactly what the problem is rather than just where it is.
  • On top of this we have added TONS of recipes to our database!
  • More UX improvements. The site is easier on the eyes and navigation is improved as well.
  • The landing page was improved and numerous changes to the wording were made.

On top of all this there were numerous additions to the administrative end (it’s always improving!) and countless bug fixes with which we won’t bore you.

If you haven’t given us a shot, there’s no better time than the present!

Avocadoo – who we are what we do


As the world slowly crawls out of the long, suffocating shadow of hunger, the regions having fully escaped find themselves confronted by another monster. One of a wholly different variety. This new monster used to prey solely upon the wealthy but now prays on the poor and the sick. This is the multi-headed hydra of abundance; more specifically of abundance, poorly managed. There is today unbridled access to foods that were once to be moderated by scarcity. And having been so long accustomed to the moderation of the environment, human consumption has not adapted to moderate itself.

The effects of this change have been slow and insidious – creeping into our newly content households. The effects can be seen all around us. Obesity is reaching all time highs, diabetes rates continue to rise, childhood obesity, heart attacks, strokes – all stemming from one treatable source. That source is our diets, specifically the form they have taken over the last fifty years of unprecedented prosperity. Enormous rises in consumption of sugar and carbohydrates, the creation and consumption of substances that didn’t even exist a decades ago such as cola and soft drinks, processed snacks and fast food.

The aid of this hydra could have been greatly mitigated by the maintenance of an active lifestyle, but the world has become more sedentary than ever. That is not to say lazy, the majority is spending more time at work than was the norm a generation ago. But now this time is spent sitting. And when they return how, almost all entertainment is consumed (and it is consumed rather than made) seated. Almost inconceivably, physical exercise and training is becoming the domain of the rich and upper class.

Theirs is a symbiotic relationship, the one is infinitely stronger with the other. The one causes far less harm when the other isn’t a problem. So if we focus on one we can greatly reduce the negative effects of the two. In this case we have chosen to focus on fixing the dietary issues of the day. For not only does a sense for activity return with a better diet, but one could even retain their sedentary lifestyle – just with far, far fewer negative health effects.

Changing the nature of our work place would be a noble goal, however it is not an attainable one. Work today has naturally become more sedentary as the work has become less manual. Almost all popular entertainment is sedentary. So it is diet that is left to be changed. If we are to begin turning the tide on these novel ailments which plague our world, we must begin with diet. One has to eat, the time commitment is already there, we just have to make the healthier option as appealing as the unhealthy option. And the majority of the time the healthier option is better tasting, the unhealthy one just tastes good enough and is cheaper/can be made more quickly.


The Problem

So in our quest to start turning the dietary tide, we found two major problems that need to be sorted out. The first is the fact that the actual nutritional value of meals is too nebulous because so many different things go into making them. Does anyone really want to look at the packaging for the five different ingredients for their lunch and figure out how all the proportions work out to understand the total nutritional value? Oftentimes it would involve weighing the produce, looking up their value on the internet, then working that in with the total volume of x ingredient.

In short, it is a nightmare.

The digital transition has really not affected this aspect of cooking at all. There are plenty of blogs and websites replete with recipes, but none are really helping you understand just how much of what is being consumed. And to figure it all out and do the math is both tedious and far more complicated than it initially appears. Further, a lot of the additives in food are the opposite of self explanatory. They are polysyllabic chemical compounds that have unknown origins and the the result of complicated chemical processes. For people like vegans and vegetarians these can be a large problem because one has to know which ones are animal derived in some way.

With the ability to buy groceries online and with the very complete databases offered by the USDA and other organizations we have a Lot of information to offer people about what they are consuming and what effects these substances are known to have. This is on top of the normal nutritional information such as amount of carbs, fats, etc. This kind of information could be used to analyze a cart before someone buys their food – so they know exactly how healthy their food for that week is.

The second problem that many who want to eat healthier face is the amount of time and work that has to go into it all. People are working more than ever and the time it takes to go out and go shopping for shopping for groceries seems more and more like a waste. This is why people are increasingly likely to buy their groceries online through one of the many rapidly growing online fresh food retailers. But that still doesn’t help them make the food or understand exactly how healthy their meal is or how it fits into their long term diet goals. So the discovery of recipes that are both tasty and healthy is crucial. It must be fast and it must be measurable.


The Solution

Enter Avocadoo. Our solution to these problems it too fold. One, we help people buy their groceries online and give them a real time analysis of their cart. In this way they have a broad overview of how healthily they will be eating for that week or month. They’ll also be able to see exactly how much of what additives they are consuming and the research associated with them. This kind of broad overview and tracking makes it much more difficult to stray from dietary decisions. You can’t say ‘oh there’s not that much sugar in these cookies, I can have them’ because you will see the sugar portion of the pie graph expand substantially. Further for people with celiac or who just don’t want to eat animal products or have some other dietary restriction – it is now impossible to accidentally consume carbs or a milk product.

Avocadoo Dashboard

Perhaps more importantly Avocadoo also aggregates recipes from blogs all over the internet. And taking the ingredient list, Avocadoo creates a graphical depiction of the nutritional value of the recipe. This lets the user see exactly how healthy it is and how it fits into their short and long term health plans.

Furthermore Avocadoo allows users to build their entire week’s meal plan and build just one shopping cart containing all the food that need need to make their recipes for the week. In this way it is very, very easy to prepare fresh, tasty recipes and the problem of spoilage is almost wholly mitigated because you are only buying exactly the amount you need. There is less waste and errant vegetables don’t end up spending a month in the back of your refrigerator.

Between nutritional analysis, cart building, and recipe aggregation, Avocadoo makes planning your meals, finding recipes, and buying your groceries a streamlined and data-driven experience.


Updates, Upgrades, Features, and More!

captureThis will be the first in a (hopefully long) series of updates that will henceforth be released each Monday. These updates will apprise you about all the changes that are going on at Avocadoo nowadays. Changes like me, for example!

It has been a busy couple of weeks here ate Avocadoo and PHP genie Mickael has a slew of updates, improvements, and bug fixes ready for your enjoyment.

  1. The big new is that the Avocadoo API has hit it’s v1.0.0 release! After a little under one year of development the platform has come a long, long way. With the updated API we able to offer a number of new features such as:

  2. Via the extension, our users can now select their favorite recipes from our list (aggregated from some of the best coking bloggers from all over the web) and buy the required ingredients for the chosen recipes!

  3. You can now build your grocery list via the website and use it to shop online via the extension (drastically reducing the amount of time you spend shopping at online grocery stores – all you need to do is load the page with the extension and you are done!).

  4. Bloggers can now add their own recipes to the site! These recipes, of course, link back to the original site, but the ingredient list is on Avocadoo allowing instant grocery cart creation.

  5. Avocadoo now provides nutritional analysis for each recipes. You can see exactly how healthy a recipe is and how much of what is actually in it. With this update you can get an instant break down on carbs, protein, fats, additives, sugars, and more.

  6. Administrative tools – these secret tools make our lives much, much easier.

  7. Numerous bug fixes

So come check out these new features and enjoy our rapidly growing list of recipes from bloggers all over the web! We have a lot of new features in development right now that will be made available over the next few weeks – so stay tuned.

Also, I’m here now – so that is new as well. See you next week!